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Content Management System - MuggleCMS

MuggleCMS is our simple to use, fully integrated, Content Management System, which we can add to any of our websites.

Control the content of your own website, add and edit pages, articles and news items whenever you want. Different users can be assigned different levels of access - from basic text editing to full text formatting, adding images and uploading files (e.g. pdf or Word documents) etc.

Edit web pages, news items and articles, all of which are searchable using a search function on your website. Pages and articles can be keyworded, and these keywords are added to your site's metadata, which can aid the search engine ranking of your website.

Content is edited using a WYSIWYG editor (see picture below), there is no need to learn any code, or for detailed technical knowledge about website building.

MuggleCMS WYSIWYG editor

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