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Chris Lavis-Jones

Chris is a prolific image maker who has amassed a huge body of work over the years since he first took up photography.

Chris, photo by RachelHis interest in the countryside and in wildlife first sparked his interest in photography and makes up a large proportion of his personal work. Professionally he has tackled many different subjects. After leaving college Chris became a general practice professional photographer working for Island Photographics in the Isle of Man. "Working on a small island means that a photographer must be able to tackle all areas of the discipline, we would do everything from commercial and product photography, to weddings, portraits and press work, and of course being on the Isle of Man a considerable amount of motorsport photography.". It was, however, his panoramics of the Island that were most valued by the firm, being used as posters, in books and helping on more than one occasion in securing lucrative contracts for the firm.

After a period of photographic inactivity after leaving the Isle of Man, Chris' interest in photography was reborn. He started taking panoramas again, this time of North Wales. He again moved back into the photographic industry, to Cambrian Photography in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Here Chris worked mainly on the Equipment Sales side of the business, but was also involved with photography, tutoring, technical support and giving presentations on all aspects of photography.

As part of the last generation of photographers to be part of the industry before digital Chris has seen many changes since he first started out. Now, like the vast majority of photographers, Chris works mainly with digital equipment and has over the years built up the associated computer skills that nowadays go hand in hand.

However, it was with computers as it was with photography - when Chris first started to learn about computers, when digital photography was in its infancy, his interest developed far beyond that which was required as a photographer. During his time living in the Welsh mountains he became part of a regional computer technical support team for his then employer. He further developed his skills at Cambrian Photography, helping customers and clients solve the technical issues that they encountered. His interest also extended to the Web, and he started to develop websites. In the area of computers his skills include hardware and software problem solving, work flow and admin systems design, HTML, CSS, PHP and xml, as well as Photoshop and MS Office skills including good Excel skills.


Rachel Saxon

Rachel, photo by ChrisRachel, Chris' partner, is a biologist and a competent photographer in her own right. Having taken photographs all her life it was not until the advent of digital photography that the interest became serious. Her personal areas of interest include macro and infra-red photography. She also has a talent for design and layout and contributes much to the look and feel of the websites, posters etc. that the pair produce. Rachel also has considerable computer skills as well as being a touch typist, including HTML, some Javascript, PHP and SQL; also excellent Photoshop and MS Office skills including Access and Excel.






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